Must See in Rabat

Kasbah of the Udayas (Oudaias): Picture this - narrow alleys, white and blue walls, and a view of the Atlantic. That's the Kasbah of the Udayas. It's like stepping into a postcard, and the ocean breeze is the cherry on top

Hassan Tower: Can't miss the Hassan Tower. It's this massive minaret standing tall, telling tales of an incomplete mosque. Climb to the top for a panoramic view of Rabat.

Chellah Necropolis: Fancy a stroll through ancient ruins? Chellah's got you covered. Roman remains, Islamic architecture, and a garden with storks - it's like a historical oasis.

Mohammed V Mausoleum: Time to pay respects at the Mohammed V Mausoleum. It's a masterpiece of marble and intricate details. And the guards? Impeccably dressed.

National Archaeological Museum: Feeling a bit of a history buff? The National Archaeological Museum is a treasure trove. From Roman artifacts to Islamic art, it's a journey through time.

Rabat Beach: Time for a beach break! Rabat Beach is not just about the sand and waves; it's a local hangout with a lively atmosphere.

Rue des Consuls: Shopaholics, this one's for you. Rue des Consuls is a street lined with shops selling traditional Moroccan crafts. Bargain hard, and you might score some fantastic finds.

Lounge at Café Maure: Need a caffeine fix? Café Maure in the Kasbah is the spot. Sip some mint tea, enjoy the view, and maybe indulge in some people-watching.

Go for a Stroll on the Corniche: Feeling the need for a sea breeze? The Corniche along the Bouregreg River is perfect for a relaxing walk, especially during sunset.

Try Moroccan Street Food: Don't miss out on Moroccan street food. Whether it's pastries, grilled meats, or fresh juices, the flavors are a party in your mouth.

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