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Must See in Essaouira

Medina Stroll: First things first, dive into the Medina – the heart of Essaouira. Winding streets, charming shops, and that cool white and blue vibe. Perfect for getting lost and finding hidden gems.

Chill at Essaouira Beach: This beach is like a laid-back paradise. Soft sand, crashing waves, and maybe even some windsurfing action. Feel the ocean breeze and just soak it in.

Port Vibes: Head to the port for a taste of Essaouira's fishing scene. Colourful boats, fresh seafood, and that lively atmosphere – it's a feast for the senses.

Sky-High at Scala du Port: Climb up the historic fortress – Scala du Port. The views are insane, and the blue doors add that touch of magic. Don't forget your camera; it's Instagram gold up there.

Mingle at Moulay Hassan Square: This square is buzzing with life. Cafes, shops, and locals just doing their thing. Grab a seat, sip some mint tea, and watch the world go by.

Art at Essaouira Museum: If you're into art and history, the Essaouira Museum is a cool spot. Local crafts, artefacts, and a peek into the city's cultural soul.

Borj El Berod Adventures: Hike up to Borj El Berod, the old fortress. It's like a time machine with incredible views. Sunset from up there? Absolutely magical.

Festival Fun: If you're around in June, don't miss the Gnaoua World Music Festival. It's a fusion of music, dance, and traditions. The whole town comes alive.

Essaouira Citadel Moments: Wander around the historic citadel. The blue doors and cannons add this timeless charm. It's like stepping into a Moroccan postcard.

Jewish Cemetery Reflections: For a bit of history, visit the Jewish Cemetery. It's serene, overlooking the ocean, telling stories of Essaouira's diverse past.

Hammam Time: Treat yourself! Hit up one of the traditional hammams. It's not just a bath; it's a whole experience. Relax, rejuvenate, and feel like royalty.

Boat Trip to Purple Islands: Take a boat ride to the Purpuraires Islands. Birds, nature, and tranquillity – it's a getaway from the getaway.

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